Montag, 23. April 2012

The campaign for the funding can be found on   Help is needed for sharing this
Thanks at all
Here is a better explanation of how simple the board tiles work. And the use of magnets insert into the pieces is as well possible so the board could be hang on to the wall.

Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

My thought on the pieces comes to this result:

The requirements was
Easy to identify, Un-directional, Simple
The ID of the pieces mirrors as well the possible movements

So it should be.

Here is what i came up with
A flat surface chessboard. The pieces come up with a push on the surface a second push will let them stay down so the surface is always flat.

The mechanic behind will most people know from some glass doors (push to open) Something like this

I will post here my steps on the realization of the chessboard for the blinds. I stumbled over a topic on the web which makes me aware of the problem. After researching i figured out there isn't any real solution what i consider as good. So i have start out to think of the problem.
The Chessboard should solve the main-problem a blind player cant see so he have to touch to get a mental picture of the game situation.